Toddler Tuesday

toddler tuesday

toddler tuesdayWelcome to the second installment of my official blog. For those new to this: I share stories and observations about my life as a working musician and full time dad! Please enjoy.

Today I am going to talk about an observation I have made over the last few years. It involves the bond of mother and child vs father and child. This isn’t a contest , there is no winner. It is simply my experience as a father, while observing the interactions of mother and child.  As I sit here watching my daughter lay on the couch, pet lion at her side, (home with a temperature) I can’t help but think about what comforts her most.


I remember the day my daughter was born those first few minutes of life were full of cries, hugs, cheers, and finally quiet. The quiet was the most beautiful moment I have ever witnessed. My daughter laying against my wife’s chest, feeling her warmth, hearing the heartbeat she had grown to know, was so secure and had this instant familiarity with her mom. It was an amazing sight, and it is a bond that I see replayed over and over again in their exchanges. Whether, she is feeling sick (like today), or sad, her first response is to seek out this comfort, that only her mom can give.

I know my daughter loves me,  and I know we have a special relationship, but ours is one based on experiences, on everyday adventures together.  And with  each day our bond grows a little bit more. With each day she see’s me for who I am as a father, as a husband and as a man.

It is my ultimate hope that as the days turn to years, and she grows to adulthood  that she will look to me for the same comfort, she seeks each day from her mom. Not because I want to compete with her (because I can’t) but because it would mean that on every level(as a father,  husband, and man) I have succeeded. It is with each day, with each little hug, each kiss, or holding of hand at an intersection, I get a glimpse of what my wife must have felt in those first few moments of life.


With all these moments, I get a renewed understanding of the bond that was born in the womb, and the one that is continually nurtured with each  passing day. And although I can never truly understand the bond of mother and child, I will at the very least strive for it!