Toddler Tuesday

toddler tuesday

Today was my daughters first ride on the ‘Train’ ! It was an amazing experience for me to see her react to something new. The wonder in her eyes , and the excitement of seeing people all around her. It is never lost on me the importance of moments in a child’s life. It is truly amazing to see things through children, the innocence, and the joy of the smallest things; there is a lesson there I think for all! As we get older the wonder leaves, replaced by experience, maybe hardened by these events as well.

It occurs to me, we  adults should take a moment for ourselves to enjoy the little things , just a little bit longer…yes ..we should…. and as I reflect on these thoughts watching MM smile and sit quietly looking out her TTCwindow, I see her brow raise slightly,  with the  realization that we all know to well…the TTC is slow!! She actually told the driver to ‘drive’ !! I and everyone around her laughed !

Apparently the wonder of the TTC only lasts so long!
Welcome to Toronto .