Toddler Tuesday

toddler tuesday

Happy Toddler Tuesday everyone!

Knowing I had a busy week doing radio promo for my new record, I decided to save time by writing a piece last week. However, when I was about to hit send, I decided to write about something else entirely. I’ll explain. This weekend I had the pleasure of performing at a beauty pageant and while there, I was struck with a few thoughts; how crazy it is for these young ladies to put themselves before a panel of judges before a massive audience; the courage it must take to walk out on stage and how much work it takes for all involved.

How is this connected to Toddler Tuesday’s? Being the father of a little girl, I found myself wondering if I would let my daughter enter a pageant. Now, I am not entirely sure.

I sat back stage and watched the girls narrowed down – from 100 to 50 to 12 – finally there was one left standing. I watched the disappointed faces of those who weren’t chosen. I watched as countless young girls walked by, each one different in colour, shape, mannerism, not knowing how or why they were being judged different then the last. This wasn’t a race; it wasn’t based on a lap time; there was no definitive way I could see how the choices were made. It was then that for the first time in my life, I looked at these pageants as not only a man, but as a father.

It made me wonder about a few things…
How do you decide what is the ‘ perfect mold’? Who says beauty is tall-why not short? Does not confidence instill beauty? Isn’t there beauty in all types? Isn’t there beauty in innocence and naivety? And most importantly, how do you arm your son or daughter with the ability to enter into this world where they are constantly judged?
How can I, as a father, instil self confidence in my little girl when all media throws these perfect images and types down our throats? This is a scary thought as we live in the days of social media and the craze of reality shows.

I am reminded of a clip from Cheers when Coach’s daughter explains why she puts up with bad men in her life. I just love the response of Coach. He loves his daughter and he loved her mom… he could never imagine that someone could see his child as anything but beautiful.

I guess what I’m saying is that no matter what, when my daughter comes to me and tells me what she wants to do, I’ll support her and wish her all the best . No matter what the outcome, I hope with all my heart that she will know that real beauty is not won on stage, not decided by a panel, but earned each and every day. It is how we live our lives, how we treat others that define who we are. It is what makes us human and it is the true meaning of beauty.

I’m hoping that my family will never let anyone define them and that they will find ways to define themselves. I also hope that I will always be there to give them the support they need to make their own decisions and that they will believe in themselves enough to make the right one-or at least the right one at the time!

I digress…:) Please enjoy this video. It sums up the way I feel about my wife and daughter perfectly. I couldn’t sum up it up any better. Here’s to all the ‘ Coaches’ out there, seeing with their heart, as well as with their eyes, what beauty truly is.