Toddler Tuesday – Maggie’s New Friend

Happy Toddler Tuesday everyone !

Have you ever wondered why or how we pick our friends? I don’t think I ever gave it much thought, until these last few weeks when Maggie Mae made a new friend. It all started when a family moved in next door. My wife and I have lived on the same street next to an empty house for the last year or so and it finally sold. It is a beautiful large estate with large steps leading up to it’s front door and a giant locked gate which has been hiding the backyard from view of neighbours with prying eyes- like myself!

Maggie Mae, being an adventurous little child, had spent many days exploring it’s giant steps and front yard. She was always fascinated with its layout- especially the large garden gate. “What’s behind the door?”, she asked. “There’s a lion!”, I answered. Every day we’d play this game and I’d give her a new response. That was until a few weeks ago when the giant gate finally opened! Maggie Mae looked up at me and said, “Oh no, it’s a lion!” Even I wasn’t sure what it might be, so I told her we would just have to wait and see.
There she was, staring at the large gate, eyes opened wide with excitement, eagerly anticipating what might emerge. To our amazement, out walked a little girl. Her name was Rosie. Maggie Mae and Rosie became immediate friends. It’s an amazing thing to see them play together. Every morning, one of the first thing I am asked is, “Can I play with Rosie? “, and again, right after school .

When I think about it, I’m not really sure why Maggie Mae is so enamored with Rosie. Is it because they genuinely have a chemistry that allows them to like the same things; have the same wants? Or could it be that Rosie walking through that gate, was as exciting as the lion Maggie Mae was expecting. I guess in the end it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is, although Rosie wasn’t a lion, a tiger or a bear, she turned out to be something even better…a best friend!