Toddler Tuesday: Weekend Fun

Had  a great long weekend with family and friends celebrating Victoria Day. Among the many things we got up to the most important thing we did was catch up on play time with our kids. My daughter completely exhausted me with her skateboard, trips to park, swing set, and finally her first tennis lesson.

I must say though it made me realize the importance of being active with your children. Of course we need to have structure , and we need to utilize some of our time learning, reading amd setting boundaries. But, with kids they haimageve so much energy , it serves no purpose to let them sit around. As I watched her  laughing, falling down , or just being silly with a bucket of sand, I was constantly reminded of my fathers words when we were little boys running around the house ” get out and play ” 

I always thought my father kicked us outside to give him some peace and quiet, ( and truth be told some of it was) however, I like to think that in his heart of hearts he understood that an active child was a happy child, and a happy child makes a happy parent.