Shape and Sound

(coming soon)

This album’s journey not only inspired Luke to “find his sound” true artistic identity, but encouraged him to take the reins of the creative process. “Marty Skrzypczyk and I played every instrument and co-produced it from the beds up. Howie Beck (Feist, Broken Social Scene, Ron Sexsmith) served as mix engineer, while Joao Carvalho (City and Color, Rush, Blue Rodeo) did his usual excellent mastering work and Michael Phillip Wojewoda (Buffy Sainte- Marie, Bare Naked Ladies)) engineered vocal sessions. I look at this album as my artistic fingerprint, instead of outsourcing parts or players it truly is one voice speaking and it’s really made making music exciting again.”

Following the philosophy “Write what you know,“All Your Dresses”  fully displays Luke’s gifts for melody and poignant storytelling. The first single from the Toronto singer/songwriter’s forthcoming album, Shape and Sound, pays tribute to two significant relationships for Nicholson. Through the metaphor of clothes, the special moments shared between a husband and wife are beautifully illustrated, while the ideals his father instilled in him, to be a good man and father, are captured through the simple image of a tie.

Frantic City

Frantic CityBeautifully constructed “Frantic City” is his most poignant album to date. Having written the majority of material for this record while touring away from his new born daughter, one can hear the love, and maturity in both his lyrics and delivery. Recorded entirely in Toronto at Revolution Studio, Luke enlisted the help of renowned percussionist/producer Roger Travassos, to serve as executive producer, with Stew Crookes, Michael Phillip Wojewoda and Laurence Currie providing ears as recording and mix engineers.


Mad Love

coverThe third album from Nicholson has a big-money sound framing a fetching retro-pop song collection about a romance that led to his marriage. The lead single, “All Night Fever”, has given lift to the nine-songs backed by seasoned musicians who add colour and drama to the singer’s soulful pop vocals. Listen closely and you get a sense that Nicholson is a romantic and a Brit pop loyalist, with strains of Ray

Davies, Steve Harley and the “All You Need Is Love” session woven into his melodic tote bag of songs. How this fits into today’s dance-pop scene is unclear, but it hasn’t been an obstacle for Phillip Phillips or The Lumineers.
David Farrell